Superior Compound Returns for Patient Investors

Bennett Selby Investments is a registered investment advisory providing professional asset management services to patient investors with a long-term investment horizon. We buy exceptional businesses at attractive prices and hold them until we fully realize the rewards of their superior business performance.

how it works

Our Objective

Our objective is to compound after-tax returns by patiently holding investments in select businesses whose prospects we feel we understand with exceptional economics, strong management, purchased at discount prices

Our Approach

We will work closely with you to develop a better understanding of your unique situation and determine whether or not our investment approach is suitable to your objectives. If there is a good fit between your objectives and our approach, the steps to becoming a client are simple.

Our Services

Our planning and investment services are carried out through separately managed accounts. Clients maintain assets at a third-party brokerage, while providing Bennett Selby with the discretion to put tax and investment strategies to work.